One-room apartment in Kyiv
45 m2
The owner is a little girl Dasha, 3 years old - it was on her birthday that my father bought this apartment. Dad works in the construction industry and is well aware of the quality of this builder's development, so the choice was made on this residential complex.
The magnificent view over the park also inspired me to invest in my granddaughter's future. It is with such love that we treated the design and implementation of this project.
With the planning decision, we tried to approach it wisely - to save more space for the living room, but at the same time think about a cozy place in the bedroom. Taking into account these wishes, we used the kitchen - turn it into a living room and place it next to the bedroom.
As such, the kitchen was divided into several parts - a wet area and a work area, a storage area and a dining room. We placed the refrigerator in the sanitary unit, while the sanitary unit it did not suffer, we provided everything you need + a technical cabinet for the washing machine and boiler.
Each of our projects has a story - which we try to reflect in the interior and make the interior individual. In this interior, pipes became the main feature of the interior, in the same concept we picked up all the lighting in the apartment and supplemented it with original dining table legs.
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