Two-room apartment in Kyiv
47,9 m2
Apartment for a young girl. The girl loves the Scandinavian light, spacious style in the interior, so she abandoned the spacious bedroom in favor of a large living room with two panoramic windows.
The customer loves to be at home, so the comfort of a round table with comfortable chairs, a large sofa were the main wishes. And also an important request of the hostess was a fireplace, which the studio, designed on two sides, so that it would be warm and cozy both from the side of the living room and the side of the bedroom.
We made the bedroom without doors, which helped to save the budget, and besides, it didn't limit the free space.
The main finishing materials are natural wood and metal - without chrome and painting, pure brass, gold, and stainless steel.
We have provided large storage areas in all parts of the apartment - living room, bedroom, kitchen, which are so necessary for a modern woman who always has a lot of things.
The bathroom turned out to be original with a rounded partition, with a green accent and paintings that successfully add coziness to this room.
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