Three-room apartment in Kyiv
62 m2
Apartment for a young family with a little girl 4 years old.
The layout of the apartment remained practically unchanged - it was possible to harmoniously combine the living room and kitchen areas in one space. They also added a balcony in the bedroom, thereby making a functional wardrobe.
The customers wanted a light, simple interior, in which blue-azure would play an interesting accent. We started experimenting with it until we realized that without coral - nothing ...
It was then that the idea arose to create a quiet lagoon of a family hearth. They diluted and accentuated the interior with shell decor. In the living room, a blue accent was used on the doors - to unite and beat the space where there are many doors.
In the bedroom, a semi-circular mirror enhances the space and accents above the bed in the form of an echo of a water drop, continuing the history of this apartment.
In the nursery, the colors are not typical for a little girl - coral blue, as well as a wonderful wallpaper in the form of a wave, which we could hardly find.
Functionally, we thought over the placement of two bathrooms, having received a full bathroom and a separate spacious bathroom.
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