Two-room apartment in Optimisto
65 m2
Apartment for a young couple. The layout of the apartment was practically not altered - the placement of two bathrooms was functionally thought out - at the expense of one they made a dressing room in the bedroom, it was decided to leave the balcony open from the developer.
The customers wanted a bright interior, with an interesting combination of colors - a green-terracotta transformation of the space.
Green is very harmoniously placed in the center of the living room in the form of the color of the sofa and a fragment of the kitchen, and we added its shades in the bedroom. In the rest of the rooms, we focused on the coral color - in the bathroom, we decided to leave only this color at all.
The owners really wanted an unusual combination of materials and colors, so we did not stop only at colors, but also added contrast in black details and BW tiles in the kitchen and corridor.
All interior items are simple, affordable Ukrainian manufacturers and improvised items from famous Ikea & Jusk, plus custom-made cabinet furniture.
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