Two-room apartment in Kyiv
56 m2
The apartment belongs to a young couple with a small child. This is the first apartment of the owners, before that they lived in a rented apartment, so they are very reverent about its creation.
The project is a two-room apartment - 56m2 , upon purchase, it was assumed that there would be a living room and a children's room . In the living room , it was decided not to attach a balcony , but to insulate it and leave it open for relaxation or work .
But our studio has worked on making sure to accommodate a sleeping place for the owners. To do this, we zoned the living room and bedroom with a large closet, and separated the nursery and bedroom with a wall.
The children's room, only 2 meters deep and 4 meters wide, contains a wardrobe with a deep niche for toys, a work table and an open shelving for creativity.
The bedroom was left open, more like a bed with a partition separating the hallway and the living room.
In the entrance part, we did not make a lot of closed cabinets, since the corridor is of a closed type, we managed with an open rail for clothes.
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